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Grow Hartlepool is a free course that can be attended in person or online. This has been made possible with the support of Hartlepool Borough Council & the Welcome Back Fund. The course is designed to help local companies get back to business. This course will feature six modules to develop your business and help with marketing. This course is suitable for all, whether you’re just starting up or you’re a well-established business in the area.

With our economy reopening after the pandemic, we’re wanting to give all Hartlepool businesses the best possible chance of success after what has been a very difficult period.

Grow Hartlepool is a new initiative by Hartlepool Borough Council, funded through the government’s Welcome Back Fund provided by the European Regional Development Fund. The programme has been designed to ensure that Hartlepool businesses are given the confidence to start, skills to grow and support to sustain.

The course programme consists of 6 topics and will run from November to January at The BIS, Whitby Street. Each session will take roughly 2 hours of your time. There will be light refreshments provided and you’ll have the opportunity to network with other businesses in Hartlepool. The Grow Hartlepool programme will also offer direct one-to-one support for local business leaders that have unique problems or hurdles they want to work with a mentor to overcome.

The schedule:

10/11 – Grow Hartlepool Introduction

Introduction and networking event introducing the services offered in the program.

17/11 – Identification

How to identify who your ‘perfect customers’ are.

22/11 – Positioning

How to establish your ‘position’ in your market or industry.

01/12 – Audience Building

How to capture the attention of your customers and keep them interested.

08/12 – Systematisation

How to set up systems that will work for you in the background.

5/1 – Website

How to make sure your website is ‘doing the business’.

12/1 – Profit Acceleration

Ways to ensure the hard work you’ve already done in marketing goes further in generating profit!

All of our courses will be available online and can be accessed by business leaders and their staff, so if you miss a session you can jump in on our online portal. You’ll also find a wide range of business resources such as social media content planning tools, “How To Videos”, content templates & more!

Come along to our introduction and gain access to our online portal.